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Investigating Illicit Financial Networks:

Laundromat Methodology

Delivered in cooperation with our partners at VESTIGO. Click their logo below to book this course.

Investigating Illicit Financial Networks: Laundromat Methodology

This course focuses on understanding how UK companies are used in global money laundering schemes and enable organised criminals to facilitate other criminal activities using other offshore mechanisms.

These illicit funds are already in the shadow economy and are reinvested into other front company networks to further criminal interests and control.

You will learn to conduct strategic and operational research to enhance your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) profiling capabilities. You will set up an online wallet and trade in cryptocurrencies and trace the origin of the funds. You will enhance your understanding of how criminals cross the lines between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

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Image Analysis Training

Learn how to identify the date, time and place an image was taken, and unleash the power of image 'reverse-searching' techniques and EXIF data.

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Companies House for AML Investigators

Learn how to successfully research Companies House records in depth to meet AML due diligence requirements, and to identify crucial investigative links to information hidden in plain sight.